A Better Rhode Island, Together

I am running for Governor because I know that we can have a Rhode Island with a robust and growing economy that is more equitable and just. That by investing in what we do best locally – our blue economy, our manufacturing, our hospitality and tourism, healthcare and our service economy, we can create an economy that works for all Rhode Islanders. By investing in our most important asset – our people, we ensure a better future for Rhode Island today.

An Economy for Everyone

Addressing Housing Affordability
Improving Education
Opportunities and Challenges

These are areas that we’ve needed to address for years, but the global pandemic heightened the inequities in these systems. I understand that solutions lie in connecting the issues. For example, the answer to our education crisis requires us to also deal with the lack of affordable housing in our state. I know that we have an excellent opportunity to address climate change through the new construction and rehabilitation of housing. Building sustainably, with the climate and environment in mind, helps Rhode Islanders today and tomorrow.

Our next Governor will have the extraordinary opportunity to fix these problems. The work that I’ve done in the nonprofit, for profit and government sectors give me a 360-degree understanding of the issues our state faces. I know our communities – their assets and their challenges. I know our government – how to successfully lead and build teams in the public sector. I’ve proven that I have what it takes to move forward in a democracy.

What Matters to You?

Send me a note on how these issues affect your life. Send me your ideas to solve our problems. Together, we can build a better Rhode Island.

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