Nellie Gorbea Will Be A Governor Who Prioritizes Gun Safety Reform

“We all want to keep our families safe. I remember hearing the tragic news of the Sandy Hook massacre. The children killed were close to my own children’s ages. I remember trying to keep my kids from hearing the horrible news. There have been too many massacres. I cannot do that anymore. We need to be able to look at all of our kids in the eye and promise that we are here to take care of them and believe that their futures are worth it. Every Rhode Islander deserves to be safe in their communities.”

Rhode Island has emerged as a leader in advancing sensible and strong gun safety legislation. We continue to make progress, and there is still a lot more work to be done. As governor, I will call for the General Assembly to immediately pass legislation that will: 

  • Prohibit the future sale and possession of assault weapons, while providing a path for current owners of assault weapons to keep them.
  • Require gun owners to securely store their firearms when not under their immediate control.
  • Combat daily gun violence that doesn’t always make national news, by funding research into the gun violence crisis and the programs that address its causes. This includes community violence intervention programs.
There is no reason for weapons of war to be sold in Rhode Island. Just this summer we have seen AR-15s be used to slaughter grocery shoppers in Buffalo, school children in Uvalde and families attending a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park. Enough. We need leadership that will put banning assault weapons at the top of the legislative agenda. I am proud to be a Moms Demand Action Gunsense Candidate and to have been able to join the Moms Demand Action – RI Chapter and the RI Coalition Against Gun Violence throughout the past decade of community engagement.

I know that we can pass these additional common sense gun reforms because—with the work of community leaders and legislators—we have done so already: we’ve passed a red flag law, banned the sale of bump stocks, enacted a law prohibiting certain domestic abusers from possessing firearms, and we’ve prohibited guns on school grounds–with the exception of public safety officers.

During the recent legislative session, the Rhode Island General Assembly furthered our gun safety laws by passing 3 pieces of livesaving legislation that I fully supported and endorsed. These bills updated our laws by:  

  • Making 21 the legal age to purchase rifles and shotguns
  • Limiting magazine capacity to 10 rounds
  • Banning open carry of long guns in public

I will be a governor who makes sure this gets done. It’s too important for us to let politics get in the way. I’ll work with anyone—and stand up to anyone—to make it happen.

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