Climate Change

Opportunities and Challenges with Climate Change

Because of Rhode Island’s size and geography, our economic future will always be tied to the environment and our climate. Climate change provides both opportunities in the area of renewable energy and challenges brought about by the receding shoreline and other climate impacts. I will make sure Rhode Island maximizes the advantages we have because of where we are located while also becoming a national leader in resilience to climate change.

As Governor, I look forward to enacting policies that support the “Act on Climate”, staying focused on the goal of net zero emissions by 2050. I will also work with our world-leading experts in academia as well as our cities and towns to ensure Rhode Island and Rhode Islanders are ready for what is to come. As Governor, I will make sure Rhode Island’s economy is prepared for climate change and benefits from and protects our environment.

Why This Matters

Addressing renewable energy, wind and solar, enables us to transition from fossil fuels to supporting smart electrification in our state. Helping us get to the goal of net zero emissions by 2050 will take careful decisions. For example, if we want to transition home heating in our state from oil to renewable energy, we need to recognize that changing oil heaters will require addressing both job displacement for those with existing oil based businesses and their workers and new costs to homeowners. The years ahead will require a Governor that promotes the economic opportunities of renewable energy while helping existing businesses, workers and property owners transition to these new opportunities.

Main Priorities

  • Prioritize the goals of the “Act on Climate” to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.
  • Create incentives in the development of housing that ensure developers build new construction with an eye to sustainability. 
  • Promote the development of a renewable energy economy and work to regain our regional leadership in this important economic sector. ​​Partnering with unions and our education sector we can grow our apprenticeship programs that help provide the needed workforce.
  • Incentivize electrical vehicles by using federal funds to increase the charging stations across our state.
  • Work with our world class programs at Rhode Island colleges and universities to incubate new businesses, train future workers, and innovate future technologies.
  • Work with towns and municipalities to fund necessary coastal improvements as they prepare for the effects of climate change.

“Nellie is a catalyst. She is a change-maker and she is going to take the lead as governor in making sure all voices are heard.”

Marcy, Cranston

Marcy, Cranston

Coastal Access for Rhode Islanders

I am proud to live in a state where access to the shoreline has always been a cherished right. From the beliefs of our indigenous community, our original residents, to the more recent constitutional right to the shoreline, Rhode Islanders have always valued access to the shore. As Governor, I will uphold this centuries old constitutional right by looking to sign updated legislation that supports shoreline access for all Rhode Islanders. I will also invest in improving government entities such as the Coastal Resources Management Council so that they can better monitor and support responsible shoreline access.

As the Ocean State, our shoreline is one of our most valuable assets. We need policies that help us manage this resource, responsibly growing the economic opportunity it provides while ensuring all Rhode Islanders can enjoy our shore.

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