Two Decades of Community Leadership

Nellie has deep roots in Rhode Island. Her commitment to serving our community can be seen in the wide number of organizations she has helped lead including: United Way of Rhode Island, the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island, Salve Regina University, Providence Chamber of Commerce – Innovation Providence Committee, RI Free Clinic, Gateway Healthcare, Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island, and the Rhode Island Latino Political Action Committee. She is the Founding President of the Rhode Island Latino Civic Fund. Nellie’s leadership has been recognized by many, including the Providence Business News which named her 2009 Woman to Watch in Government, Social Services and Education. In 2013 she received the César Estrada Chávez Award Committee as well as the Latino Public Radio Community Excellence Award.

We've included below a sampling of articles on Nellie or by Nellie that refer to her work in Rhode Island for more than two decades:

Past Accomplishments

2002: Nellie Gorbea: A Local Hero


The Providence Phoenix - Issue date November 22-28, 2002

LOCAL HEROES - The Phoenix salutes six individuals whose efforts make Rhode Island a better place:

Nellie Gorbea

Six years ago, when not one of the three Latino candidates running for the Central Falls City Council landed a seat, there was plenty of finger-pointing among Rhode Island's leading Latino political activists. With all the turmoil and recriminations, recalls Nellie Gorbea, "We said we'll never win this way."

1995: Implementing Motor-Voter Law in Rhode Island

In 1993, the federal government passed the National Voter Registration Act which required all states to implement voter registration at the state Division of Motor Vehicles and other state agencies serving the public.  The purpose of the law was to make it easier for people to register to vote.  It also intended to improve registration rates among people of color, low income individuals and individuals with disabilities. Nellie Gorbea volunteered to serve on the 19 member State Voter Registration Advisory Board that implemented the federal  “Motor-Voter Law” in Rhode Island.