Thank you, Rhode Island!!!!!

Thank you. Gracias.
To each and every one of you who made this win possible:
Thanks Rhode Islanders.
Thank you to my campaign manager, Rico.
Thank you to the volunteers – this was a volunteer campaign.
Thank you to my extended family of friends.
Thank you to my parents who have believed in me and supported me all of my life.
Thank you to my girls – who have been wonderful allies in this campaign.
Thank you first and foremost to my partner in life – my husband Steve.

I ran because I want to make government work for people. Tonight we have seen that people want leaders who make government work for them and to look out for them. To make sure that our elections are fair, fast and accurate, to make sure that small businesses can start and thrive, and that we shine a light on what government does and who is trying to influence government.
I need to take a moment to wish my opponent and his family well. Running for office is a tough slog and anyone who runs should be thanked for their efforts.
Tonight we celebrate, but it is only a partial victory. I’m going to ask all of you to help me get to the goal line in November.