Thank you, Gracias, Rhode Island!!

Let me begin by saying how much I appreciate the support that everyone has shown me and our shared commitment to making Rhode Island a better place. I am honored to have earned your confidence and look forward to serving everyone as your Secretary of State.

A new level of energy and excitement will come out of tonight’s election. We need to embrace this moment by putting the cynicism behind us, by moving forward with hope and confidence. In doing so, we have a responsibility to make sure that the opportunity in front of us is one that can be shared by all, but not at the expense of others.

I’m inspired by and committed to delivering the change that Rhode Islanders desire and voted for tonight. Change begins when government works for people and that starts with increased transparency. We need to shine a light on on government and who is trying to influence it. Let’s create an environment that fosters innovation and creativity, so that people not only start businesses easily, but succeed and thrive. Strong voter participation and engagement are fundamental to a healthy and representative democracy. As Secretary of State I will ensure that our elections are fair, fast and accurate and will also protect the integrity of our elections and a person’s right to vote. Tonight’s election presents an opportunity for change and tomorrow we have a responsibility to deliver that change.

I am honored to be the first Hispanic to be elected to statewide office in Rhode Island and in New England. But I am here because of the hard work, the races won and lost, by others. I am here because many across this state are embracing Rhode Island’s newest community - the Latino community. I am here along with many others from Smithfield to Newport to Central Falls to Providence.

Tonight we’ll celebrate together and tomorrow morning we we’ll work together to show the rest of the country just how great Rhode Island can be! ¡Gracias, Rhode Island!