Nellie Gorbea Proposes Lobbyist Oversight Reform

Providence – Amidst new revelations of undisclosed insider dealing in the 38 Studios saga, Democratic candidate for Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea today released a three-point proposal to increase the disclosure and oversight of lobbying activity in Rhode Island.  The plan includes the establishment of a telephone hotline and website for citizens to report suspected undisclosed lobbying activity. 

Barrington Democrats Endorse Nellie Gorbea - cite experienced leadership and transparency

Barrington – Yesterday, Nellie Gorbea, Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, won the support of the Barrington Democratic Town Committee. Both candidates were allowed to present their issues and backgrounds to the committee and then field questions from the crowd. At the conclusion of the presentations made by all of the candidates on the statewide ballot, Gorbea won by a decisive margin of 15-5 over her opponent Guillaume de Ramel of Newport.