Our Newest Ad: Catching On

Nellie Gorbea, Democratic nominee for Secretary of State unveiled her third television ad that starts airing statewide today.

“The ad called “Catching On” highlights Gorbea’s experience as a former Deputy Secretary of State. The ad features several Rhode Islanders who support her vision for increasing government transparency and for fair, fast and accurate elections,” said Rico Vota, Gorbea’s campaign manager. “I’m excited that voters share my enthusiasm to bring increased levels of transparency to government. I will ensure elections are fair, fast and accurate and will make sure that small businesses can easily start and succeed,” said Nellie Gorbea. “But just as important, I will make sure that government works for people and will run the office with the highest ethical standards,” continued Gorbea. Nellie Gorbea is well-positioned to make history by becoming New England’s first Hispanic general officer. Her upset win in the September 9th Democratic primary has been credited to her track record of success as Deputy Secretary of State from 2002-2006 and her vision for change.