Our First TV Ad!

Today we released our first tv advertisement. You can click below and watch. Help us keep it up on the air by contributing to the campaign through this website! Thanks! 

August 21, 2014

Gorbea Unveils First Television Ad Highlighting Her Experience

Gorbea ready to lead Secretary of State’s office from Day One

Providence, RI - Nellie Gorbea, Democratic candidate for Secretary of State unveiled her first television ad that starts airing state-wide today.

“The ad called “Deputy” highlights Gorbea’s experience as Deputy Secretary of State and shows her as the most experienced candidate in the race for Secretary of State and the person most qualified to lead the office on day one,” said Rico Vota, Gorbea’s campaign manager.

“I’m excited to be able to communicate my experience to the voters of Rhode Island.  As Secretary of State, I will ensure elections are fair, fast and accurate. I will make sure that businesses have the information they need to start and thrive. I will also shine a light on what government does and who is trying to influence it,” said Nellie Gorbea.

“Most importantly, I will run the office with the highest level of transparency. I will restore faith in state government by running the office with the highest ethical standards.  Rhode Islanders are tired of a state government that works for insiders, special interests and the well connected.  I will make certain the Secretary of State’s office works for people,” continued Gorbea.