Nellie Gorbea Calls On Republican Candidate for Secretary of State To Release Taxes

Providence – Nellie Gorbea, Democratic Candidate for Secretary of State, today sent a letter to her Republican opponent John Carlevale, calling on him to release his personal income taxes to the public. On April 15th of this year, Gorbea became the first candidate running for statewide office to make her personal income taxes available to the public.

Gorbea’s opponent in the Democratic Primary, Guillaume de Ramel, refuses to make his taxes public.

In her letter, Gorbea stated: “60% of Rhode Islanders have lost trust in their state government, the second worst in the country. We cannot restore that trust unless office holders and candidates are completely open and accountable to the public about their finances. After my call for disclosure [in April 2014], nearly every other candidate for statewide office agreed to make their tax information public. This disclosure, while not mandatory, provides voters with information of what a candidate does, that he or she has no conflicting interests in holding office and that he or she has nothing to hide from the public. With that in mind, I encourage you to show the voters of this state that you too are committed to transparency. Every election should present an opportunity for voters to be hopeful about the future of our state. Hope can only exist if people trust their government leaders. Let us show Rhode Islanders that we mean it when we say we run on a platform of transparency and open government.”

At the time that Gorbea released her information and called on her opponent in the Democratic primary to do so as well, there were no other named contenders. Last week, Republican John Carlevale became the Republican Party candidate by successfully submitting his nomination papers and signatures.

“We are disappointed that our Democratic primary opponent still refuses to make his personal income taxes public and does not share Nellie Gorbea’s commitment to transparency. Candidates for Secretary of State should model transparency and accessibility.” said Gorbea’s Campaign Manager Rico Vota.