Gorbea Named a Game Changer

Providence – Nellie Gorbea, Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, has been named a Game Changer by the Women’s Campaign Fund (WCF). This national recognition makes Gorbea one of 40 WCF endorsed candidates across the country who are being singled out by the Washington DC-based group.

The Women’s Campaign Fund says “her passion for creating opportunities for underrepresented communities is what sets Nellie apart and makes her a true Game Changer.” They also cited Gorbea’s decade-long commitment to addressing the challenges facing Rhode Island women.

The Women’s Campaign Fund seeks to elect more women to leadership positions in government. The Game Changers initiative is about changing the direction of the country by promoting and supporting leaders with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. These women are outside of the traditional world of politics.

“I am thrilled that the Women’s Campaign Fund has chosen to highlight my candidacy and my proven leadership. The WCF’s Game Changers are very impressive women and I am honored to be recognized with them,” stated Gorbea.

The 40 Game Changers include: Allison Lundergren Grimes, who is challenging Mitch McConnell for his long-held U.S. Senate seat in Kentucky, Wendy Davis who is running for Governor of Texas and Rhode Island’s Senator Gayle Goldin of Rhode Island’s Senate district 3.

The D.C.-based Women’s Campaign Fund is the first national organization in the country to financially support women candidates. The nonpartisan Women’s Campaign Fund is dedicated to supporting the election of strong, women leaders at all levels of government. Founded in 1974, The WCF has four decades of experience helping thousands of women overcome the challenges they face when seeking elected office.

A former Deputy Secretary of State from 2002 – 2006, Gorbea is the first Latina on the statewide ballot in Rhode Island. To see more online go to: http://www.wcfonline.org/nellie_gorbea.