Gorbea Endorsed By Exeter Democratic Committee

Providence – The Exeter Democratic Town Committee has endorsed Nellie Gorbea’s candidacy to become Rhode Island’s next Secretary of State.

“Nellie Gorbea wants to make government work for all Rhode Islanders. Most Rhode Islanders mistrust government and think that it only works for the insiders and well connected,” said Exeter Democratic Town Committee Chairman Bob Johnson. Johnson continued, “Two things are evident to the committee: (1) Ms. Gorbea cares deeply about all of Rhode Island’s cities and towns, and (2) she has the experience and track record to make positive changes in the lives of working Rhode Islanders.”

Gorbea’s candidacy has gathered contributions from donors in each of the 39 cities and towns across Rhode Island.

Exeter joins Central Falls, East Greenwich, Barrington, Coventry, Tiverton and Foster among other Town and City Democratic Committees that have endorsed Gorbea’s candidacy.

“I am grateful to the Exeter Town Committee members for their support. I am inspired by the broad range of support I have received in communities throughout our great state,” stated Gorbea. “It shows that my message is resonating with Rhode Islanders from all walks of life that want their government to be accountable to them and not just the insiders and the well-connected.”