Gorbea Endorsed By East Greenwich Democratic Committee

Providence – The East Greenwich Democratic Town Committee has voted to endorse Democrat Secretary of State candidate Nellie Gorbea.

“The committee felt very strongly that Nellie Gorbea’s recent proposals to reform lobbying in Rhode Island, make her the most qualified person to be our next Secretary of State,” said East Greenwich Democratic Town Committee Chairman Thomas Plunkett. Chairman Plunkett continued, “A fair, simple and cost-effective lobby policy like the one Ms. Gorbea has put forth is precisely what this state needs to help prevent another 38 Studios from happening again. Ms. Gorbea's impressive resume and experience in that office as Deputy Secretary of State, instilled confidence in the committee that she is not only willing, but capable of completing the measures she has proposed.”

Gorbea’s lobby reform proposal includes: a LobbyTracker Citizen’s Hotline, increasing filing requirements for executive branch lobbyists, and a Lobbying Data dashboard where citizens can see which pieces of legislation are being lobbied most frequently and by whom.

East Greenwich joins Barrington, Coventry, Tiverton and Foster among other Town Democratic Committees which have endorsed Gorbeas candidacy.

“I am thrilled to have the support of the East Greenwich Democratic Town Committee and look forward to working with them to ensure that government is in the hands of the people of Rhode Island and not the insiders.” stated Gorbea.