Gorbea declines contributions from lobbyists

Providence- Today, Nellie Gorbea, Democratic candidate for Rhode Island Secretary of State, announced that she instituted a policy of not soliciting or accepting campaign contributions from state-registered lobbyists. Her campaign has identified and returned all contributions from state-registered lobbyists.

“Rhode Islanders need to know that their elected officials are there to serve only the public and will not be subject to undue influence by well-financed and well-connected insiders,” stated Gorbea.   “They need to know beyond any doubt that the people they elect and trust to look out for them will not violate that trust by engaging in the influence peddling that has hurt our state for so long.”

“The Secretary of State is responsible for lobbyist oversight and must set the highest possible standard,” added Gorbea. “As Secretary of State, I will provide total transparency and accountability to restore Rhode Islanders' trust in government and solve the serious problems our state is facing. It is for this reason that I also released my tax returns -- so Rhode Islanders know that I have no conflicting financial interests.”

Gorbea’s opponent, Guillaume de Ramel, has failed to date to release his tax returns.

A review of the campaign’s finance filings revealed that 14 of more than 1,272 contributions to the campaign were from individuals who have registered as lobbyists at the Office of the Secretary of State. The returned contributions totaled $2,725.