Barrington Democrats Endorse Nellie Gorbea - cite experienced leadership and transparency

Barrington – Yesterday, Nellie Gorbea, Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, won the support of the Barrington Democratic Town Committee. Both candidates were allowed to present their issues and backgrounds to the committee and then field questions from the crowd. At the conclusion of the presentations made by all of the candidates on the statewide ballot, Gorbea won by a decisive margin of 15-5 over her opponent Guillaume de Ramel of Newport.

"For the committee, I think the deciding issues were experienced leadership and transparency,” stated Committee Chair Mary Alyce Gasbarro. “Nellie Gorbea has a long track record of work in both the private and public sectors, civic engagement and was Deputy Secretary of State. When she says she believes in transparency to restore the public’s trust in their elected leaders, she leads by example,” Gasbarro continued.

“The support of the Barrington Town Democratic Committee means a great deal to me. I will continue to work to be a candidate that not just Barrington, but every city and town in our great state, can be proud to support,” said Gorbea of the endorsement. “Everywhere I go, people understand that I am running to make sure that government works for all Rhode Islanders. As a candidate for Secretary of State, transparency starts with me.”

Gorbea’s is the first candidate on the statewide ballot to release her and her husband’s joint tax filings for the last five years, prompting others up for statewide election to agree to release theirs as well. Her opponent, de Ramel, has refused to release his tax information.